Planning to go on an extreme diet? Here is why it is warning

Planning to go on an extreme diet? Here is why it is warning

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dietExtreme diets can be dangerous because they can lead to nutrient deficiencies

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Extreme dieting can be tempting when looking for fast, drastic results. However, before deciding to embark on an extreme diet, it is important to consider the risks. Below is why an extreme diet should be approached with caution.

Nutritional Deficiency

One of the primary concerns when creating an extreme diet is nutrition. It may cut a lot of calories and create quick results, but it is also likely to be lacking important nutrients. This can lead to Vitamin A, D, E and K deficiencies, among others. Should these deficiencies go untreated, it can lead to health issues and take a toll on the body’s overall functioning.

Unsustainable Weight Loss

Extreme diets often lead to short-term weight-loss that cannot be maintained without the diet continuing. On top of that, extreme diets are solely focused on the number seen on the scale, and not the other indicators of health. Continuing with an extreme diet also leads to a higher likelihood of regaining the lost weight.

Drain On Energy

When a person goes on an extremely low-calorie diet, it can often be accompanied by a lack of energy. When the body has too few calories and goes into starvation mode, it reduces energy output and puts other organs under additional strain.

Safety Considerations

Finally, when embarking upon an extreme diet, you should always speak to a doctor, dietician or nutritionist, first. An expert can help you understand the risks, side-effects and form a plan of action to ensure that the extreme diet is done in a safe manner.

To conclude, extreme diets have the prospect of immediate results. However, the numerous potential health implications should be taken into consideration before taking the plunge. An expert opinion can be invaluable to helping establish a safe way to attempt an extreme diet.